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What are the Pine Barrens?

The Long Island Central Pine Barrens is a large area of publicly protected pine barrens in Suffolk County, New York, covering more than 100,000 acres. It is Long Island's largest natural area and its last remaining wilderness. The region contains a remnant of the Atlantic coastal pine barrens ecoregion, whose forests might once have covered a quarter million acres on Long Island.

Where the heck am I going?

Pine Barrens Jam will be held at Blue Point Brewing in Patchogue, NY. 

225 West Main St. Patchogue, NY 11772

When is this shindig?

Doors will open at 12PM on August 20th, 2022. The Poetry & Arts Stage will run from 12PM-8PM. Music will be from 1PM-10PM. The BrewPub & Festival Grounds close at 10PM. 

RAIN DATE: Sunday August 21, 2022 (NEXT DAY)

I purchased my ticket from Eventbrite, how do I get my tickets?

A PDF version of your tickets were sent to the email you used to check out on Eventbrite. You can also download and sign-in to the Eventbrite App with the same email. Please e-mail us at if you have any issues. 

So uhh, how do I become a VIP?

If you already have GA Tickets and want to upgrade to our VIP Package, hit the Check-In Tent before you enter or visit our Merch Tent in the Beer Garden. Guests of performers & live artists can also upgrade to VIP. 

I like to make decisions at the very last minute, can I buy tickets when I get there?


Yes! Onsite pricing is as follows:

GA Adult - $50

GA Child (6-12) - $20

Children 5 & Under - FREE

VIP Pass - $75


Any age restrictions?


Everyone is welcome to join the PBJAMLI! This event is all ages, but minors must be accompanied by an adult. Everyone over 21 will be wrist-banded.

Can I get my drink on here?

Heck yea! Blue Point brews some of the best beer on Long Island! (So please no outside beverages.) You'll have to be at least 21 (with Valid ID) to drink. NO DRINKS ARE PERMITTED OUTSIDE THE BREWPUB OR BEER GARDEN. 

So, this is a festival right, I can bring my RV?

Um, No. NO CAMPING. But you CAN bring: Rain Umbrella, Backpacks, Hats (you may also call them lids), Sunblock, Lighters, Cell phones, Sunglasses, Cigarettes (Please keep your cigarette smoking to our designated smoking areas), Fanny packs, Disposable cameras, Digital & Film cameras (non-pro)

Any No-No's?

There will be NO: Quarter, Illegal Drugs / Drug Paraphernalia, Weapons of Any Kind, Outside Food/Beverage, Unlicensed Vending, Beach Umbrellas or any other items (ahem, Totems) that might impair the sight of other fans. Cameras larger than a point-and-shoot camera nor ANY video recording equipment will be allowed onto the festival grounds. For safety reasons, any form of transportation that would carry you faster than a walking pace will not be allowed (including bicycles, skateboards, etc).

Can I bring my lizard?

YES! All four-legged friends must remain in the outdoor area and be on a leash at all times. Blue Point Brewery reserves the right to ask any owner to leave if their pet is being aggressive with other pet-patrons. (Please pick up after your pals as well!)


Will I be able to leave and come back?


Yes, re-entry is permitted!


Will there be designated smoking areas?

YES. We'll make sure there is a spot at each outdoor stage where you can still see the action and have your smoke.


What if I get injured or need medical assistance?


Please head directly to our Info/Merch Tent. There we'll have a first-aid kit & a radio to call for EMT, if necessary, who will be on standby. If you physically cannot, try to get the attention of a volunteer or staff member in the green shirts!

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